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Glass Milk Bottles (new)
- Half Gallon
- Quart
- Pint
- Half Pint

Custom Printed Milk Bottles
- Farm Fresh Round Quart
- Life Jars (Grateful Pint)

Glass Storage Bottle by Libbey

Bottle Go-Withs
- Milk Bottle Caps
- Bottle Brushes
- Bottle Carriers & Baskets
- Wood / Metal Vintage Milk Crate

Vintage Items - Limited
- Square Half Pint
- Round Quarter Pint

Mason Jars / Drinking Jars
- Daisy Top Sipper

How to Buy and Store Raw Milk

Best time to call is Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Mountain time or email: Leave a message if we don't answer or better yet send us an email that you already called. We may be delayed by 2 business days - we are in the middle of care-taking a family member.

Look for the products we sell that are 'Made in America'.

Paypal accepted

Use UPS My Choice to manage your delivery date.

Do you remember when milk was delivered to your door in glass milk bottles, you heard the klink of one glass bottle hitting another while still in bed, and found the milk was ice cold in the fridge when you got home? We do, and that's why we've found the sources for those items and offer them to you on our website.

We will not be filling any orders for a bit. We are in the middle of a family emergency and until it stabilizes don't have time for the business.

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